terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

Stationery giveaway

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there were little girls that collected stationery. They did it just for the fun, and kept the stationery untouched. These little girls grew up an decided to give their collections to other girls, who would like to write letters on those beautiful papers and spread them throughout the world.

I'm one of those lucky girls who inherited lots of vintage stationery. They are most part of my supplies nowadays, and, in order to promote my new and still shy blog, and also to put a smile on someone's face, I want to give some of it for a reader!

To participate, all you have to do is:
- follow my blog;
- leave a comment on this post, with your e-mail or any other way for me to contact you.

On August 4th, I'll pick up one random winner, who will receive an envelope with:

- a selection of these vintage stationery;
- some stickers;
- a few postcards;
- a little surprise;
- love.

You must know that these stationery are the kind that has one side completely printed, so that you must use the other side to write. They're lovely, I guarantee!

The subscription is quite easy, and will surely make me happy.

So, let's start the fun!

16 comentários:

  1. OOOH, stationery <3

    Thank you for this nice giveaway! I just followed your blog... and got here through the forum.

    I wonder what vintage stationery looks like... kinda get excited... hehehe

  2. Oh, I would love to enter! I'll try to find time to promote your giveaway on my blog during the next days :)
    You can easily contact me through my blog :)
    Take care!

  3. Nice blog! I found you through the forum. I'd love to enter! Thanks! :) You can contact me through my blog:


  4. I love the Star Wars intro you used ;) I'm not entering the giveaway because I won't be at home for when you'll pick the winner and it won't be really fair, but just wanted to tell you that your idea is very lovely and generous :)

    xx Fab

  5. I like giveaways! And since mine just wrapped up, I'd love to enter this one! :)

    I hope you have great time with your new blog!


  6. Great idea! I love vintage stationery... And I'm already following your blog. You can contact me via my blog!

    Julie xox

    P.S.: Your little hippo is adorable! :)

  7. Your blog is so cute!! Hippo mail... :) I got your letter last week so hopefully you will be hearing from me soon! And of course, winning your giveaway wouldn't be sad either ;)

  8. Hello! I'm Gladys and I'm from Singapore! I would love to join your giveaway! It seems so mysterious and excitiing! I need some love! Hahaha! Just kidding!

    Here's my email address: gtmjgladys@hotmail.com
    My blog: www.writetogladys.blogspot.com


  9. Wow, such a great gesture from you :)
    I am your newest follower :)
    My email is marbilj at gmail.com

  10. I'd like to enter as well :)
    The hippo is cute!^^

    xlacrimax at gmail dot com

  11. Hey :) I found you through Postcrossing :)


    thank you!

  12. I'd be very happy if I get to win such lovely things! :) Thank you really much for the giveaway! My e-mail address: rising_sun@abv.bg

  13. Hi Penny! :)

    Due to an unknown reason it doesn't show my comment I wrote some days ago. Although I've been in love with penpalling since I was 12, I gave it for a while due to time problems. I recently got back into it and I'm completely in love again.^^ I'm a postcrosser, too, so I decided to open my own blog...unfortunely I'm not past the registering part yet. Anyway, this is a really nice idea and I'll follow your blog for sure. Plus I can really use some new stationary to write to my pallie :)
    All the best, Sandra

  14. Hey Penny! What a lovely Giveaway! Maybe I will get LUCKY! :D

  15. Nice thank you so much penny :)
    I love writing papers on pretty papers :)


  16. What a wondeful giveaway! I would LOVE to win because I love to write letters to my dear friends but I hardly ever can find any nice stationary hear in Estonia... Anyway, whoever the winner is, he or she is going to be very lucky! Many thanks for this nice chance!

    My e-mail is kyylik@gmail.com