quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2013

I'm back! (And so is my mail...)

It's been about two months since I last updated this blog with my correspondence. And, guess what? I'm also very late on replying my letters.
During these months I've received lots of beautiful letters, plus amazing surprises which I wasn't expecting and that made my days a lot brighter, as snail mail always does. I didn't take photos of everything, so I'm sorry if I'm not posting your letter/card. But everyone who sent me something will for sure receive a reply - even if it's a late one!

Well, to the mail now!


from Bahar, in Turkey

from PostMuse. This was a very sweet surprise, since I had no idea she was sending me something. Plus, it's an AWESOME card.

from Laura, in the U.S.

from Eugenia, in Kazakhstan

from Frida, in the Netherlands

a giveaway prize, from Caddi (thank you SO much!)

from Joana, in Portugal

from Felicia, in Canada

from Anna, in the U.S.


to Shannah, in the U.S.

to Teresa, in the U.S.

to Olive, also in the U.S.!

Last but not least, this letter is my contribution to the awesome Fumi No Hi Project, which is about sending letters to people who doesn't penpal, in order to spread mail love through the world. I sent it to my friend Kassia, who lives in Rio. We've been friends online for many years, but never met in person. I hope she'll like finding this on her mailbox.

to Kassia, in Rio