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Book Review #1 - The Hunger Games

For a long time I had the wish to talk about books on this blog. But there was never enough time or I didn't feel encouraged to. But the last books I've read kind of asked me for a review, for I had so much to talk about them. So, I decided to start, no matter what. I am planning to do more posts about the books I read, and I would be very thankful to have a feedback from any reader of this blog. :)

Writing about the newest launches is not my purpose, for I don't keep up with all the news on the bookstores, so I'll write about any book I read, no matter if it was published last year or two centuries ago. I hope you enjoy it!

And, for my first review...

The Hunger Games

the cover of the edition I've read
In a dark vision of the near future, twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live TV show called the Hunger Games. There is only one rule: Kill or be killed.
When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her sister’s place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature. 
from: www.scholastic.com/thehungergames

My review:
 I must admit that when I first heard of this book it wasn't much appealing to me, so I only decided to read it because so many friends recommended me to. So, it wasn't with much expectation that I first opened the book.
While reading, what actually started to win my attention was the fact that I simply couldn't guess the plot. I always thought that the next facts would be the very obvious, but then the book surprised me with something completely different from my expectations (but please note that I'm not very good at guessing plots). Then I got involved with the plot and realized a couple of things about it.
Suzanne Collins shows us a society that worships these Hunger Games, what means they worship war and killing. They love the Hunger Games. And my first thought about that was that they were shameful brainless people.
But, as the book goes on and the game starts, many times Katniss saw an enemy on arena and all these times I thought "go there, kill him/her right away!". After some time, I realized that I had my favorite tributes and I that was hoping that they would kill the others and win the games.
Then it came to me that I had actually become one of the Hunger Games watchers! Just like all those cruel and brainless people in the Capital.
What I think Suzanne Collins does very well on this book is to show us how we, too, are thirsty for blood and war, no matter how disgusting we know that is. I think that she can address especially to Americans, her first readers, for they are a country that worships soldiers and war heros (in a way I have never seen in Brazil, for example). She also talks of oppression and builds a country that is sick, in need for justice and for freedom - ideas that are very important to every country, but that Americans widely speak of.
By realizing this I got quite involved with the book and, though some parts were kind of boring - for instance, some of Katniss's lonely moments in the arena - and some characters were too obvious - like Gale, he was useless to the plot so far -, I just couldn't wait to finish it and know how it was going to end.
So, I am very curious to read the next books, and I hope they will thrill me and teach me something about myself just like this one did.

My rate:

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A day for myself

Today I've decided that, once I've got home from work, I would do only things that I love. It may sound obvious, but I so often keep busy with so many things, that I don't do my favorite things.

So, I'll read a book, write a letter, maybe play video game... and post here. :)

Want to see my mail?


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What about you? If you had a night free to do all your favorite things, what would you do?

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Does somebody want to see some mail?

Because that's what I'm showing you today. :)


My friend Caio gave me a bunch of gingerbread men and this ugly monkey. Loved it!

This is part of Jessica's selection for me. Please note that I now have a license to kill.

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That's all for now. I'm glad that the Corpus Christi holliday game me some time to organize my mail and finally post in here. I hope I won't be so long without posting again. Have a great week everyone!