sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Does your name start with a G?

Hi guys. Nice saturday around here, I'm at home pretending to study and decided to update you on my mail. But, first, I want to ask: does your name, or any of your penpal's name, start with G?
I happen to have this beautiful capitol G sticker and can't find it a good use. So, I decided to give it away to anyone who wants it. Here is the sticker:

Nice to decorate an envelope to your friend Grace, Gabrielle or Gwhatever.

Does anyone want it? If you do, please leave a comment asking for it. This is not a contest or anything, and I only have one sticker, so I'll give it to the first one to asks me via comment. I hope everyone understands. - UPDATE: sticker gave to Bree.

Now, to the mail!


A Postcrossing card from St. Petersburg. I simply love to receive cards from this city. It's an amazing place!


Letters to Anna, in Germany, Anna, in the USA, and Eugenia, in Kazakhstan

A postcard from Rio that I felt like sending. :)

That's all for this week. I've been quite away and even missed one Postcard Thursday, but I'll make it up next week.

sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

Mailbox and cool cards

Hey! What are you up to this weekend? I'm up to trying to watch some movies, go out with a friend and, of course, try to catch up with my mail!

I hope you're interested in seeing my mail stuff of the last two weeks, because that's what I'll show you today (if you're not interested at all, stop reading this post and go have fun on this random site that I don't really understand).


A first letter from Anna

A card from Postmuse showing her own mailbox.

If you say you're not jealous of her mailbox, I'll be surprised. I must admit I am specially jealous because (and I know this is horrible), I don't have a mailbox. No, not even an ugly one. The postwoman knocks on the door or lives my letters under it. Shame.

Now, is it Christmas already? I thought it was when I opened the awesome envelope Mariselle sent to me. Check it out:

Mariselle's letters to me are always written on a handmade book with a Harry Potter cover. And this one even had a matching bookmark. How awesome is it?

Plus, I received two beautiful postcards from swaps:

From a postcrosser in Panamá, with beautiful stamps on the envelope. The small Hello Kitty card is just a random cute thing my boss gave me. :)
Awesome postcard from Amit, in India.


To my friend Juliana, in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
To Teresa, in the U.S.
And a few postcards. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend. Don't drink and drive, don't take candies from strangers, and don't choose the red pill!

quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

Help my poor English skills!

Have you ever felt like correcting someone's grammar or writing? Have you ever read a sentence and thought "this sounds SO foreign"?

Well, I sometimes think that may happen to my texts. And I don't like that. I have a goal to speak/write a perfect English, and I'm trying hard to improve it.

So, this post is basically to ask you all for a favor: would you please correct me, if you feel like? I mean, you don't have to do that, you can just keep reading my posts (please do keep reading! =D) and moving on with your life. But, if in any moment you feel like correcting me or suggesting another way of writing a sentence... please, don't stop yourself! I would really appreciate to be corrected. It's all about more and more learning to me. :)

Thank you for kindly reading this request. I'll go back to regular posts, showing you my incoming and outgoing mail as soon as possible!

terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2012

Top List Tuesday #3

Top 9 reasons to smile in September
(a personal list)

1. The beginning of a new rainy season (after so long).

2. Going to the park with my boyfriend to learn how to ride a bike.

3. A Luna Lovegood page on my Harry Potter calendar.

4. Playing Portal 2 for the first time.

5. Finishing the first half of my thesis.

6. Reading my first ebook.

7. The long waited release of Dexter's 7th season.

8. Going to a few university parties.

9. Having lots of letters to reply.

It's really nice to list your reasons to smile. What about you, what have you been smiling for?

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Postcard Thursday #3

Hello, everyone! Today's Postcard Thursday is about one of the beloved postcards that I brought from Canada.

I found this card very funny because, indeed, I spent one month in Canada and haven't seen any of those things. I can't complain at all, but I surely wish I had seen at least a moose. Come on, I have never seen a moose!

Besides the joke, this postcard makes me think. It makes me remember of all the stereotypes I heard about Canada right before my trip, and the stereotypes about Brazil that I always hear. These things actually bother me a lot, to know that some people think they actually know something about a country they'd never been to, and they think they can judge this country and their people. Of course most time it's harmless stereotypes, but still it's kind of awkward when it's your country people are talking about.

I think people should be open to learn about other countries. So, I'm here to ask you, reader, something: is there something interesting or some fun fact that people don't usually know (and don't even imagine) about your country? Please, share it with me! I'm eager to learn. :)

domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012

Ducks and tea

Good sunday, everyone!
What are you up to today?

As I said before, last friday was Independence Day in Brazil, which means I had an extra rest day. But my trip to the beach was canceled and I happen to be very late with my studies, which means that the holliday was just an extra time for studying.
I'm having a hard time trying to catch up with my mail, and I hope my penpals will understand that.
Let's see what my mailbox got to me this past week!


A first letter from Anna, in the USA, including some stickers for me and pictures of her cute dog.

A letter from my friend Melanie, in the USA, and a lovely postcard from Fab, in Italy. Don't you love the duck? I do!

A first letter from Eugenia, in Kazakhstan, with two packages of tea. Just can't wait to try it!


A letter to Sarah, in Belgium.
And one to Barbora, in the Czech Republic.

I hope you all will receive lots of beautiful mail this week. See yah!

terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Top List Tuesday #2

Hey guys! I'm having kind of a stressful week, and I'm looking forward to the holliday on friday (Brazil's Independence Day)... I'm going to the beach with some friends, and hopefully get some rest. But, as I have to face real life until friday, I thought that looking at the bright side of life would cheer me up. That's how I picked today's topic:

Top 3 reasons why I love São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. It's my homeplace and I really enjoy living here. So, I thought of listing for you my favorite features on it, and at the same time remember myself how lucky I am to be here.

1. Avenida Paulista

Awesome Paulista view, by my boyfriend

Paulista Avenue is my favorite place ever. I work in there everyday, but still that's my favorite place to go on my free time. It's a huge avenue filled with restaurants, malls, bookstores, cool buildings and mainly cool and interesting people. That's where many remarkable events happen, and also where you can take a nice walk on a sunday morning (or on a saturday night, as in the day my boyfriend took this pic), surrounded by art on a nice urban environment.

2. Night clubs

Some friends and I rocking around The Clock.

One thing I love about living in a big city is that you also have a new place to visit. Really, it's impossible to go to all the cool places São Paulo has to offer, what means there are fun places to anyone. I have been to gay clubs, board game pubs, karaokes... and, my favorite one, a 50's themed night club named The Clock Rock Bar.

3. Street art and weird people

A regular public phone, decorated by an artist. (photo by my boyfriend)

All kinds of arts (and other weird things that may or may not be considered as art) happen in São Paulo. There are street musicians, living statues, clowns, grafitti, ... and also some things that I'm not sure if are related to art or to weird people. I once have seen 5 girls brushing each other hairs in a line, all of them wearing white dresses, in Paulista Avenue, on a weekday. I don't really know their intention with that, but it surely made me love my city a bit more.

I think that seeing good things on the place you live it's a good practice.
What do you like most about your homeplace?

sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012

A smiley week

Meeting new penpals and keeping in touch with old friends, that's what my mailbox is made for. :)


My week first started with a Random Act of Smileness by a member of Postcrossing forum. Ondine lives in Campinas, Brazil, and when she saw on my blog that my mailbox was empty, she decided to send me a little something.

Thanks Ondine, you did make me smile! :)

 Then more letters came from my penpals!

A first letter from Barbora, in the Czech Republic.

A letter from my friend Teresa, in the USA. Isn't this envelope awesome?


To Felicia, in Canada

Some postcards. Inside the envelope is my contribution to the Orphaned Postcards Project.

A first letter to Ryan.

I hope you all also had a good mail week. Now I'm off to the weekend: gym, hairdresser, a wedding to go tonight, and a photoshoot tomorrow.

Have a colorful weekend, everyone!