sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012

A smiley week

Meeting new penpals and keeping in touch with old friends, that's what my mailbox is made for. :)


My week first started with a Random Act of Smileness by a member of Postcrossing forum. Ondine lives in Campinas, Brazil, and when she saw on my blog that my mailbox was empty, she decided to send me a little something.

Thanks Ondine, you did make me smile! :)

 Then more letters came from my penpals!

A first letter from Barbora, in the Czech Republic.

A letter from my friend Teresa, in the USA. Isn't this envelope awesome?


To Felicia, in Canada

Some postcards. Inside the envelope is my contribution to the Orphaned Postcards Project.

A first letter to Ryan.

I hope you all also had a good mail week. Now I'm off to the weekend: gym, hairdresser, a wedding to go tonight, and a photoshoot tomorrow.

Have a colorful weekend, everyone!

9 comentários:

  1. You got lovely mail :) And it seems that we share a penpal, I recognized Teresa's handwriting on a letter ;)

    1. Hi there! It's nice to meet another of Teresa's penpal. I love her unmistakable handwriting. :)

  2. Really cute paper :) Have a good weekend!

  3. Really lovely mail! Lots of Hello Kitty :3 and isn't that a sunny side up egg? My favourite :D And I'd spotted some great stamps too! Have a nice weekend!

  4. Penny loved your grab bag.... was it only stationery sheets? or envelopes too? also would you mind having another pen pal from miami? :)

    1. You mean the grab bag I ordered from La Papierre? It was only stationery sheets, but really nice ones! :)

      I would really like to have a penpal from Miami. But, honestly, I can't have any more penpals right now, because I am too busy with university. We can start writting to each other in December, if you're still interested. Let me know...

    2. Yes the grab bag. I loved it! I have ordered from Julie before and love the quality!!! :) I was going to get a grab bag once but was afraid I might receive a design I might of not liked. :x Also I didnt know if that included sheets only or envelopes too. I prefer sheets only haha. Anyway thank you for answering my question.

      As to becoming your pen pal in December. Yes I would not mind waiting till December! :) How can I contact you then?

    3. Yes, I was afraid of that too, but then I realized that, even having my favorites, I would be happy with any of those stationery.

      Thank you for understanding. When December comes, I can be the first one to write, to make it up for your wait. You can contact me comenting on the blog or e-mailing me: penny_clear [at] hotmail [dot] com.