quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Postcard Thursday #3

Hello, everyone! Today's Postcard Thursday is about one of the beloved postcards that I brought from Canada.

I found this card very funny because, indeed, I spent one month in Canada and haven't seen any of those things. I can't complain at all, but I surely wish I had seen at least a moose. Come on, I have never seen a moose!

Besides the joke, this postcard makes me think. It makes me remember of all the stereotypes I heard about Canada right before my trip, and the stereotypes about Brazil that I always hear. These things actually bother me a lot, to know that some people think they actually know something about a country they'd never been to, and they think they can judge this country and their people. Of course most time it's harmless stereotypes, but still it's kind of awkward when it's your country people are talking about.

I think people should be open to learn about other countries. So, I'm here to ask you, reader, something: is there something interesting or some fun fact that people don't usually know (and don't even imagine) about your country? Please, share it with me! I'm eager to learn. :)

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  1. The postcard is really cool! :D And what you say is so very true!

    My city is known for being a full of thieves, and being incredibly dirty. Basically even in northern Italy they think that in the south we are all criminals living under piles of trash :/

    Of course as many other cities in the world, we do have criminality and not every road is squeaky clean, but there is so much more about my town that nobody notices because they're too blinded by those negative stereotypes.

    For example, the majority of people in my city is incredibly friendly towards turists and foreigners in general, we have a very spontaneous sense of ospitality and no matter where you're from, if you come here, we will make you feel at home.

    An interesting fact is that we've got a lot of sense of humor in the south, we like to joke a lot. In fact the best comedian are from here :)

    However other sterotypes are true, like that we talk a lot with our hands, lol.

    What about Brazil?

    1. I'm sorry to know that your area too suffers from stereotypes. I must admit, for your displeasure, that I too heard those things about Napoli. It's good to hear from somewhere living there, to know what really good things are there in that place!

      I hear lots of stereotypes about Brazil: that we're very lazy, it's hot all the time, we're always late, there's crime everywhere... and people mainly seem to think Brazil is a big permissive party. Once someone was surprised that my relationship was (by that time) 4 years old. "Do people in Brazil have that long relationships?" I was surprised by that question. Do they think we're some kind of free lovers that have no compromise or what?

      There are lots of things people don't know about Brazil, mainly that there are all kinds of people here (we have the biggest Japanese population outside of Japan), and many different cultures depending on the area. Those cultures include local indian traditions, african ones, and even lots of traditional European communities. In some places, it is all mixed up together and forms what we call Brazil.

      I could write a lot more about what people don't know about here, but I better do not spend hours writing because, different from what people think, we work hard here, and I gotta work now.

      Thank you for your thoughts, dear. :)