quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Postcard Thursday #2

This Thursday's Postcard is related to my history. My grandparents were immigrants in Brazil, coming from a northern small village in Portugal named Bragança. I'd always heard stories from my grandma, of how she (between her 14 siblings) was in charge of looking after the sheeps, and how she used to sleep on the grass while doing it. Also, she told stories about her family, their trips (by walking!) to Spain and many other memories.

Two years ago I became a member of Postcrossing and decided to look for a postcard from this place, that is my origin. And I found a nice guy who was available for a swap. Here are the postcards he sent me:

He said that he likes to lay on the grass after lunch, for a nap, just like my grandmother did. I showed her this postcard, but I'm not sure if she could recognize her homeplace, after so many years.

It is very interesting to get to know about my origins. I hope someday I'll get to visit this place.
Does anyone else have a foreign parentage?

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