quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Postcard Thursday #1

Hey there!
As you may infer from the title above, I'm about to start a series of regular themed posts. It will be named Postcard Thursday and, spoiler alert, it's about postcards. Actually, about my collection of postcards. Every two weeks, on thursday, I'll show you all one or two of my cards and tell you something about it. :)
The reason why it will happen only every two weeks is that I'm planning another theme for the other weeks. Wait for it!

As a special start, I'll show you my collection of Pixar postcards!

Some of you may have seen these cards already, at Postcrossing or at some blog. But you have no idea of how rare this kind of thing is, here in Brazil. I found this awesome box at a geek bookstore and was like ~I MUST HAVE IT.
(to make a more dramatic effect, you can imagine that it's very rare to me to by gifts to myself)

The postcards have images from some Pixar movies like Toy Story (1 and 2), A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo, ... and also from those lovely Pixar short movies.
I could have selected my favorites to show you here, but that would take a lifetime, as everytime I open that box, I discover something special about some of the cards. Instead, I selected some random cards. My picture show some storyarts, as well as Andy's drawing of his toys and a true postcard from Radiator Springs.

As a complement to my collection, I asked my good friend Teresa, in the States (thank you dear!), to send me some Pixar stamps. Now I keep them together as a Pixar postal stuff collection. And I love it.

Do you also love Pixar movies? Which one is your favorite?

Oh, and please tell me if you like my idea of Postcard Thursdays. :) Happy thursday everyone!

3 comentários:

  1. Hello my dear! :) I'm glad you received my postcard! :D I haven't received yours yet but maybe it'll arrive today or tomorrow - I hope!

    I think your blogpost series about your postcards is a good idea! Can't wait to see/read more!

    I love Pixar movies! My favorite one is Monsters Inc. <3 I could watch it over and over again...I also love the short movies they make...especially "For the birds", "Presto" and "La Luna". :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. The Art of Pixar postcards are really great! I have been looking for them in India but unfortunately couldn't really find it at any physical store here. I am thinking of ordering it online.
    Anyways,the stamps are great as well.
    I hope I will get those stamps soon.Well,my favorite Pixar movie is "Ratatouille ".I love your blog! It's great and I will be following your posts from now as well.