sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Our lucky winner

Here I am on a saturday night, waiting while my adorable boyfriend sets up my new computer (no more of this annoying slow machine that won't even allow me to skype my friends...).
SO, before I get distracte with all the amazing games I'll soon install (to the Elder Scrolls V!), I'll anounce the winner of my stationery giveaway!

I had just asked Bruno (aka boyfriend) to pick a random number for me and, from this number, I got the winner, which is...


Yes, this person with a misterious nickname won my giveaway! Congratulations. =D

But, wait! Don't go!
As I am very happy because people are actually starting to read and visit my blog, I want to thank everyone who took part on this giveaway: all of you guys will get a postcard from me. Yay! \o/

Well, soon I'll contact everyone to get your adresses... Thanks again and keep reading. :)

Now I'll go check that computer.

3 comentários:

  1. Congrats R.! I will be posting a winner soon! I'm looking forward to the postcard!

  2. Hey Penny!
    I'd love to receive a postcard from you! Thank you so much for generously offering that :)
    My address is
    Postfach 101205
    66012 Saarbrücken
    Also, I'm very happy to see that you have gotten quite a few followers =)
    Take care!