sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

Two weeks on my mailbox

I haven't done my post about mail last week, so, here I am with the sent and received since then. :)


A letter from my friend Frida, in Norway. Reached me in only 5 days. Cheers to Norwegian post!

A beautiful postcard from Augusta, Maine, sent by Alex. Thank you Alex! Behind it, you see the envelope PostMuse sent me to take part on her project.

Eltz Castle, in Germany, from my new penpal Anna. And a postcrosser from Taiwan sent me this "Prince Street" because of my name, Bárbara Prince. :)


Letters to my penpals Alex, in Canada, and Emma, in Taiwan

For some reason, I haven't pictured the postcards I sent so far. Well, no spoilers for the ones who will receive them, right? I still haven't sent all the postcards I promised for my giveaway, but I will!

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 comentários:

  1. Glad you received my postcard! :)

  2. Lovely mail! The Prince Street postcard was such a nice idea of your partner :)

    Speaking of postcard, I?ve read the comment on my blog about the ostcard you wanted to send me for the giveaway but I seem not to be able to contact you :( Could you please email me at wreckthisgirl(at) I would love the postcard, and send you one back too if you want ^_^

    xx Fab

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  4. I loved the castle postcard very much and other mail was great as well! Would you like to swap postcard with me? You can mail me