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Top List Tuesday #1

Hello everyone!

Today I'll start another special series of posts. Every two weeks, on tuesday, I'll post a list. A random list, about anything, any list I'm inspired to write. I'll try to make it interesting, from the beginning.
So, every week you'll have a special post from me: on one week, it will be the Postcard Thursday, and, on the following week, the Top List Tuesday.
I hope you like it and I would apreciate to hear your opinion on that. :)

Let's start the very first one...

Top 5 video games from my childhood

I know, I know, it's a quite specific list. But I do enjoy some vintage games, mainly these ones from the 90s or 80s, which represent my childhood. I'm posting it to share this with you and, if you like video games as well, maybe you can check these titles out!

1. Twinsen's Odyssey

This is possibly my favorite game ever, and it's not quite popular, as I've never met more than 5 people who played it too. It is an adventure game for PC, on which Twinsen has the mission to save his planet from some mysteryous aliens. It is not an action game, but it's quite hard some times, and the story is very interesting and complex. Also, there are some tricky parts which require a little more from your brain.
Twinsen's Odyssey is actually part 2 of another game named Little Big Adventure, but the story is new and independent. Here is the intro video of the game (the graphics on the video are better than in the gameplay, as usual).

2. Pokémon Red and Blue

As a child born in the very beginning of the 90's, I had been part of the so called "Pokémon fever". Every single child was addicted to Pokémon-related stuff, and I was specially into it. (I wonder if someone reading this is also missing that time.) I hadn't had a Nintendo Game Boy until I was 17, but I sure had a great time playing Pokémon Red/Blue on my friend's devices or on PC emulators. I'm currently replaying the Blue version on my Game Boy Color and adoring it, as always. Did you also have fun with these games?

3. Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Here's one of those old platform games with a repetitious music that would annoy your parents when you play all day long. During my whole childhood, my sister and I had a Sega's Master System III (actually we still have and use it!), and Land of Illusion was one of our favorite games. It was starred by Mickey, who one day fell asleep reading a book and woke up to found himself inside the book's world, and having to rescue all his friends in there.

4. The Simpsons Arcade Game

When I was a child, some friends of mine had their birthday parties on these arcade games, and my favorite game to play during these parties was The Simpsons! It was a long game for sure, and quite hard to do it until the end (I only did it because, during these parties, we had free credits!). It had a cool Simpsons story and it was very fun to combine characters' attacks to make combos. The following trailer is new because the game have been recently relaunched on PSN.

5. Super Bomberman 3

It's hard to me to choose a favorite Snes game. I had this CD-ROM with a hundred of them for PC, and I played it a lot... but I can say Bomberman was special and really entertaining, and this was my favorite version of it. I always liked to play the story version, and with some friend - otherwise, it was almost impossible to get through all the 5 worlds! If you have never tried Bomberman, I highly recommend this one!

So, this is it. Do you also have some special video games from your childhood?
Game players, please comment here. I would love to know other players that may be reading this. :)

6 comentários:

  1. I was never one for video games, although I did spend some long hours with Legend of Zelda before sanity kicked back in and I realized not sleeping was a bad thing. However, I recently read a fabulous novel based on video games from the 1980s ... Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Fun read!

    1. Hm, I'll check out that book, thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Oh yesss! I love this kind of posts, I'll be looking forward to read them :)
    As fot the videogames, Pokemon Blue & Red was definitely my favorites for my GameBoy! On my PS1 I played a lot of Crash Bandicoot and The Flinstones' Bowling ahah!

    1. Yay, I'm glad you like it! I also played lots of Crash Bandicoot, it was one of the best games for PS1!

  3. It is hard to simplify the 90's game on a top 5 list, but for sure Crash Bandicoot and Pokemon Blue and Yellow are good memories. Also: Chocobo racing!!! (it was my mario kart in PS1)

  4. Eu sou uma das 5 que jogava Twinsen's Odyssey? Inclusive acho que foi você que me recomendou né? É um jogo muito legal mesmo! Eu queria que o Mateus jogasse, mas agora o cd é tão velho que os novos pcs nem rodam mais! :-(