sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012

Last week's mail

And here is my first post about my mail. :D


A 3D postcard from my friend Junney, in Taiwan. The picture can't show the awesomeness of the 3D.

A first letter from Shannah
A letter that traveled too long, from my friend Teresa, in the U.S.A. She sent me a beautiful gift, that will soon have its own post.


A letter to Kerri

And some postcards. :)

That's all for a while. :) I have lots of letters to reply, which is great. I hope I'll find some time to prepare them this weekend, on the time between sleeping a lot, playing games and watching Brave on the theatre!

4 comentários:

  1. I love those Taiwan country shaped postcards! I have sometimes thought of making an entire collection of those cards :)

    Thank you for visiting Orphaned Postcard Project! And I am going to subscribe to your delightful blog tonight :-)

  2. Pretty mail you got there! :) The postcard is cool!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (, I'm going to read your blog too! :D

  3. hey, i just came over here from Teresa's penpal add on Julie's blog. and i have a penpal called penny myself (she is from Hong Kong) that is whay i was curious WHO you are. *lol*

    i just wanted to say, I LOVE the LA DOLCE VITA postcard! well, all the fellini postcards :D

    1. Haha, I think Penny is a cute name. Actually my name is Bárbara, but Penny is how many of my friends call me. :)