quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2012

For booklovers

One very important thing about me (okay, maybe not THAT important, but, well, a thing) is that I smell books. I can't buy or read a book before opening and smelling it, it seems that it's just as addictive as drugs. So, I've got pretty happy to find out that other crazy people like me are worried about spreading the book smell all around. Someone created a perfume with new books odor!

I wonder how I would love hugging someone that smells like a book. Ten times better than Victoria's Secret or else!

And here's some other impressive creation for lazy booklovers who, like me, have too much books and keep postponing reading them.

Anybody else feeling desesperate for the readers of these books?

Um comentário:

  1. cool! i didn´t know about this book! But if you want to read it a second time?