sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Hungry mailbox

My poor mailbox is feeling so hungry lately... but I have been sending lots of mail, so, hopefully, I'll receive more letters and postcards soon. :)

A postcard from Yumi, in Japan, and one from my friend Teresa, who had visited Maroc.

A letter from Emma, in Taiwan.

A letter for Laura, with an wrapping paper envelope

A b-day card to Joana, in Portugal

A letter for Jessica, before I put the stamps on it

and a letter for Teresa!

I hope you all had a wonderful mail week! :)
Oh, and don't forget about my giveaway!

6 comentários:

  1. My mailbox is hungry too! ^^ Would you like to exchange postcards with me? I'll send you one from Maine (USA) and you'll send me one from Brazil?
    Let me know if you're interested! :)
    You can email me at hello [at] 80sgirl [dot] com. :D

    1. Of course I do want to exchange postcards with you, Alex! I'm sending you an e-mail!

  2. Penny,
    Is your mailbox still hungry and looking for more snail mail?
    I'm Sarah a 30 yo female from Belgium and Snail Mail enthousiast! If you wish to know more you can email me at faesarah [at] gmail [dot] com.

  3. Great mail! Hiya Penny! I'm Bree from Malaysia. I'd just discovered your blog and loved it! Am a follower now. :) Happy mailing! Anyway, that trumpet stamp is really nice!


  4. Hey Bárbara! (or should I call you penny??)
    Its Laura. :) Your letter arrived a while ago, and I loved it of course. I had to check out your blog and I've been enjoying it a lot. :)
    Hope you're well.

    1. Hi, dear! It's great to hear from you!
      Seems that my letter took too long to reach you, but at least you've got it. :) I'm looking forward to hear from you again!
      (both Bárbara or Penny are good, you call me the way you prefer. ^^)