terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Brand new blog!


Welcome to my newest blog, Hippo Mail. This is where I will post about my life, my mail and other interests.

I'm Bárbara (Penny!), a 22 years old university student (soon graduating as a book editor/publisher!) from Brazil. I love snail mail and have been into it since I was 13. I've been reading lots of penpal blogs lately and got really excited to create one of my own. Penpalling is one of my favorite hobbies, the one that makes me excited to come home everyday, looking forward to whatever some friend far far away sent to make me smile. It's a really addictive hobby. I hope I'll have much mail to show you all on this blog.

But I won't write only topic I will talk about. I also have other interests to share, such as photography, movies, video games and books. And I plan to post here many interesting things about all of my many passions!

Readers must be awared that this blog may be written on a terrible English, by a girl who is still practising this language. And, ocasionally, I may post something in Portuguese too.

Please say hello and come back soon to read me! :D

I'm Penny. Nice to meet you!

3 comentários:

  1. Heya Penny :)
    Good luck with your new blog! I'll be following it :) Can't wait to read your awesome texts :)