domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Oh, Sundays...

If I could use a picture to summarize my Sunday morning, I would sure pic this one, which has an incredibly weird angle, because Holly's arms were over mine while I held the camera:

 Anyway, my books and cats moment is over and I have to go out to that horrible sunny day. Wish me luck!

Before that, though, I'll take a look into my lists on...

4 Things Sunday

This was last week's list:

- write 2 letters - wrote only one. :(
- watch 5 episodes of my favorite TV shows - Ok!
- set the design for my thesis - Ok!
- go swimming twice - Ok!

I think that wasn't bad for my first try! Let's go on with new goals for a new week, then!

- read 50 pages on The Casual Vacancy
- put a new wallpaper on my office computer's desktop
- proofread my thesis
- drink 2 liters of water per day

I wish everyone a great week, and good luck with your goals!

8 comentários:

  1. Good luck with your goals, especially with the "drink 2 liters of water per day" one! I'd be totally unable to do that! :P

  2. Good luck with this week's goals.Actually, I am also reading "The Casual Vacancy" these days and I wish I could finish it soon as well.

    1. Are you enjoying this book so far, Amit? I'm interested in knowing your opinion! I will still take a long time to finish it, due to lack of time and language difficulties, but I'm enjoying it!

  3. Hello Penny! Good luck with your thesis! Is the Casual Vacancy nice? I'm thinking of buying the book but haven't got the time.:( I'm working on my essay now and am having an exaggerated headache and serious brain clogged. My ultimate goal for this week is to finish my essay! All the best with yours! Have a great week and Happy Halloween! :D xx

    1. Oh Bree, good luck with your studies! I hope you finished your essay, I know what a headache they can be to us, I had some while I was writing mine.

      As for the Casual Vacancy, it is quite interesting and I'm eager to read more - I don't have much time, but whenever I have a few minutes to sit down, I read it. :)

  4. I'm also waiting for Rowling's new book from the library. Do you like it so far? Oh yeah, me too should drink much more water per day!

    1. Yes, Jonna, I'm enjoying it a lot, the history is quite interesting in my opinion. Let me know your opinion once you read it!

  5. Com o calor que ta, vc vai precisar beber uns 4 litros de água por dia!!