domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

A busy girl

That's what I've been lately: a very busy girl. Because of that, I'm suffering from abstinence of letter writing. Shame on me. All I have to show you for the last two weeks is my incoming.
Oh, and friday was Children's Day in Brazil. To celebrate it, I want to share with you a pic from when I wasn't that busy.

This is me celebrating 1998's Fifa World Cup


A letter from Kerri, in Australia

A first letter from Ryan, in the USA

A letter from Shannah, in the USA

Her envelope unfolded for becoming my letter

This is not part of my incoming, it's just Holly watching me while I was photographying my letters.

Yeah, that's all for today. But I'm sure this week I'll write at least one letter. :)


For some reason, Google just deleted my register of pageviews today. Has anyone had problems with that too?

11 comentários:

  1. Pretty incoming mail! :) I hope to receive some letters too this feels weird not having to write mailbox is starving LOL
    Your pic of 1995 is very cute!! :D

    1. Thanks, Alex! I too hope you'll soon have some letters to reply!

  2. Olá, que bom encontrar mais brasileiros que gostam de mail art e escrever cartas, se vc estiver interessada em trocar cartas comigo ficarei muito feliz, aqui está meu blog e meu endereço também, sinta-se a vontade, um abraço.

    1. Oi, Andrea! Vou seguir seu blog e, assim que tiver tempo, te mandarei uma carta. Beijos!

  3. Nice Incoming mail! By the way, Children's day is celebrated on 14th November in India and I'm looking forward for this year's stamp marking Children's day.

    1. Oh, we don't have Children's day special stamps in here. I'm curious to see the Indian one!

  4. Respostas
    1. Yep, gonna answer it as soon as I can, dear!