quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2012

Postcard Thursday #4

Today's postcard has a little story behind it.

It was sent from a postcrosser. We actually exchanged postcards and she had a blog about homeschooling. By then, she wrote a post about her little daughter being very curious about Elvis Presley, and she wondered how the girl even found out about him, for starters.

I soon thought of Lilo & Stitch and told you that maybe the girl heard of Elvis from the movie. Then she was all like "of course, I should have thought of that!". After that, she sent me this postcard:

It came from Memphis, where his home "Graceland" is. And I really like it. I am a fan of Elvis' music, and actually dance it very frequently. But what makes this postcard more special is the story behind it.

Have you ever exchanged a few messages with a random postcrosser, other than "thanks for the card"? It is a cool experience, and gives me the real feeling about Postcrossing.

3 comentários:

  1. You are right that the story makes this card more interesting. Yes, I have exchanged a lot of messages with postcrossers other than the typical "Thanks" and it feels really good.

  2. Hello! Are you looking for pen pals? Id love to write to you!

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I'm not able to handle any new penpal right now. Maybe in the future?