quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

Postcard Thursday #5

Today's postcards are very special to me because they were the first ones I received from Postcrossing almost two years ago, so they basically started my collection! I have a few ones that I'd received before, but I wasn't collecting yet. The night I came home and found my first official Postcrossing cards I knew something was about to become an addiction, though.

from Finland

Czech Republic

Which postcards started your collection?

4 comentários:

  1. I like this blog because i will training english... rsrsr
    I remember this postcard. But I don't remember what the fish is talking. Do you know?
    Best regards..

    1. I'm really happy you're reading it, dear. :)
      That fish is saying "Do you want to be my friend?", although I always thought the cat was the one speaking...

  2. Hahah, if I based my love of postcards on my first received from Postcrossing, I wouldn't still be doing mail!

    1. Oh, I like that card, Mary! haha, to be honest this first card from the Czech Republic isn't really cool to me, mainly because there's no message on it, except for a "Happy postcrossing". But the feeling of receiving mail makes up for it!