domingo, 18 de novembro de 2012

What are you up to this week?

Hey! Here's a quick update to my weekly list of goals!

Here's what I was supposed to do this week:

- watch 10 episodes of Adventure Time - Ok!
- play Mirror's Edge at least once - Ok!
- update my adress book - Ok!
- exercise three times - nope, only twice. :(

And these are my goals for the following one:

- buy my new contact lenses
- start writing my Christmas cards
- watch 4 episodes of Community
- buy a gift to my boyfriend

In São Paulo, we're now having a 6 days holliday. So, I'm spending lots of time playing video games, reading and sleeping. It's great to have a pause from too much work.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time too!

6 comentários:

  1. Wow!! you are so lucky to have holidays of six days there.I hope you relax and be stress free.It would be interesting if you could tell the reason for the holidays.

    1. Thanks Amit. Samantha replied to your question on the comment below. I must add the reason why it became a 6 days thing this year: as the first holliday is on a Thursday, many people take the Friday off. And, as the second one is on Tuesday, people take the Monday off. Do you do that in India as well?

  2. Thursday we celebrate the proclamation of the republic in Brazil and on Tuesday will be the day of black consciousness(inclusion of blacks in society). But this last one isn't celebrated in all brazil. In city where I work is not a holiday. I want so much stay in home and play videogame :(

    1. Thanks for explaining. :)
      I also wish you did play some games, dear. I'm totally addicted to Skyrim, thanks to my super awesome new computer. :D

  3. Yes, Adventure Time rocks, it seems we agree on that 8D~ Haha, it's always nice to watch, no matter how old we are, don't you think? Hope you enjoy this 5-day weekend, you definitely deserve it :D

    Love from

    1. Yeah, Adventure Time rules! I actually feel I'll go on an adventure everytime I watch it! Plus, I love looking for the little snail that shows up every episode!