domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

Christmas envelopes

Before I start this post, just a quick note: I decided to stop posting my weekly 4 Things lists for a while. Summer is just around the corner and I decided to make a summer list instead (to be posted soon).

Now, to my office mail!


First of all, an awesome gift that just made my week. Alex, from the 80's Girl, had a tutorial on her blog about how to make envelopes using treat bags. And I really liked it and hoped I could do so too, but I can't find those bags in here.

Well, I had a great surprise when I got home last wednesday and found this:

Alex said that she saw my comment about not finding the treat bags here and decided to send me some. Isn't it an awesome surprise? I'm SO looking forward to creating lots of awesome Christmas envelopes!

Now, I also received letters from my penpals lately:

From Jessica, in Canada
The backside and content of Jessica's envelope. My favorite pieces are the ferries itinerary and the leaf!

From Frida, in The Netherlands

And both Felicia and Ryan sent me pictures of their weddings, which I loved!

From Ryan, in the USA

From Felicia, in Canada


To Frida, made from one of the bags Alex gave me. The label is made of a Christmas notecard.

To Julie, in Canada, for her birthday

This is all my mail of the last two weeks. My mailbox have been making me really happy lately. I hope yours is also making you smile!

5 comentários:

  1. Oh, this Christmas envelope you sent to Frida is just lovely! I should search for some treat bags to make envelopes too! :)

  2. The Christmas envelope you've sent to Frida is amazing.It's so sad that we don't have treat bags here.

  3. The treat bags are really awesome :)

  4. Those treat bags are adorable!
    Which reminds me, I need to get started with writing my Christmas cards soon xD

  5. Wowww those cards are super cute :) I'll start writing mine soon, I also wrote a letter to Santa in Finland! It's great haha, they even reply you :) Thanks for your comments in my post, that was so nice of you. I'll definitely make more posts about photography~ ^__^ Have a nice week!