domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

São Paulo - 459 years

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. Its 11 million inhabitants are used to crowded places, to the everyday heavy traffic and to being always in a hurry. It's a cosmopolitan city, with lots of different cultures converging on a very urban scene.

If you have ever heard of São Paulo, this is probably what they told you about it - and I can surely tell you it's true. But there's more about this city than that. On the 459th anniversary of my homeplace, I had visited one of its 63 parks and decided to share some pictures with you.

by Bruno

by Bruno

by Bruno

I always say that I'm a very urban person and that I love to live on a big city. But it's always nice to take a rest on a green area, and that is also possible in São Paulo. So, this is my tribute post to my city on it's day (which was actually 2 days ago, but I'm still enjoying the holliday!).

Happy Birthday, São Paulo!

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  1. The views are spectacular! And awesome photography skills! :)